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Current Clients
Previous Engagements
  • Supporting committee leadership outreach and direct advocacy to targeted Members for telecommunications, broadband and entertainment industry companies
  • Advising and representing foreign sovereign governments, international political leaders and international NGO’s
  • Supporting global investors regarding pipeline from Egypt to Israel
  • Navigating regulatory and legislative threats for a major natural resources company
  • Building congressional delegation support for higher education and healthcare systems
  • Creating opportunities for enhanced international trade and purchase of products from countries linked uniquely to national security
  • Developing public affairs initiatives for sovereign governments related to international competitions
  • Advocating on behalf of individuals being persecuted by their own governments abroad
  • Leading teams representing government contractors pursuing additional contracts and in contract conflict resolutions
  • Relationship building and legislative intervention for national mortgage and financial market institution
  • Guiding efforts to secure federal relief from discriminatory and unfair multiple taxation by states and local governments for online transactions
  • Acquiring research and development funding for leader in battery industry for Defense, Aerospace, Medical and other commercial applications
  • Advising sovereign governments related to relationship development with the US and compliance with international standards
  • Developing legislative support for online gaming issues
  • General advocacy for major airline on key aviation issues focused on Republican Conference in the House
  • Provided tactical support in US for global chess organization leadership campaign
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