HBS Tops List of 2018 New Startup Federal Lobby Firms

In January 2018 we announced a joint venture with Husch Blackwell LLP, a Missouri-based law firm with offices in nine states and eighteen cities, including Washington DC, to create a new independent government affairs firm, Husch Blackwell Strategies LLC.

A short twelve months later, Bloomberg Government News released a report spotlighting new startup federal government affairs firms in 2018.

In total, there were 185 new startup federal government affairs firms that generated ~$27 million in revenue related to federal clients. According to the report, more than half of that revenue was produced by the top 15 firms in the group of 185 new federal startups.

However, there was one outlier in the group. One firm generated more than 10% of the revenue of all federal startup firms and was the fastest growing new firm of all…Husch Blackwell Strategies!

Lobbying Startups in 2018: Federal Client Revenue

Our news is even better though, as we are building out our operations in a unique space that features even fewer competitors as a multi-state state legislative operation with a strong federal component.

The strategy has undoubtedly been a productive one. Our federal operation comprises slightly less than 40% of the overall firm revenue, and features 26 federal clients, while our multi-state operation has well over 100 state legislative clients.

Our firm has rapidly grown over the past year to include 26 employees, several consultants, and offices in six cities, with state legislative services offices not only in Missouri, but in Texas (two offices), Nebraska and Wisconsin. In fact, our Texas state legislative operation was just named in the top two "Law Firm Lobby Shops" in the 2019 "Texas Lobby Power Rankings" released by Capitol Inside, which, combined with the latest federal legislative services ranking by Bloomberg, make quite a statement for our firm.

None of this would be possible without the support and trust of our clients and team members. It is truly an exciting time and even more exciting looking into the future for HBS.

On behalf of the entire team at HBS, we want to thank everyone involved in our effort of setting the new standard in government affairs. We all very much look forward to continued growth and success in 2019.


Gregg Hartley // Chief Executive Officer | Vice Chairman

Andy Blunt // Chief Operations Officer | Chairman