Husch Blackwell, Statehouse Strategies and Cloakroom Advisors Launch Government Affairs Joint Venture

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Husch Blackwell LLP, Statehouse Strategies LLC, and Cloakroom Advisors LLC announced today the creation of a joint venture, Husch Blackwell Strategies LLC, to provide federal and state legislative government affairs consulting and lobbying. The venture will be headquartered in Jefferson City, Missouri, and will combine much of Husch Blackwell’s existing Government Affairs team with the existing operations of Statehouse Strategies LLC and Cloakroom Advisors, LLC, both of which will be rolled into the Husch Blackwell Strategies venture and will do business going forward under the Husch Blackwell Strategies brand.

Andy Blunt, the founder and chairman of Statehouse Strategies, will join Husch Blackwell Strategies as Chairman of the Board and Chief Operating Officer. Blunt will focus primarily on expanding the venture’s state-level practices. Gregg Hartley, founder and principal of the federal lobbying firm Cloakroom Advisors LLC, will become the Executive Vice-Chair of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Husch Blackwell Strategies and will concentrate on growing the venture’s federal practice group. Husch Blackwell partner Kyle Gilster will serve as the venture’s General Counsel.  Several leading government affairs consultants and attorneys will join the venture from Husch Blackwell.  

“Providing clients access to the full suite of government affairs services under one roof is increasingly important in coordinating overall corporate strategy,” said Husch Blackwell Chief Executive and Managing Partner Greg Smith. “Husch Blackwell Strategies represents a natural evolution in presenting clients with a strong value proposition in what is a very competitive business.”

“Combining the expertise of Husch Blackwell with Statehouse and Cloakroom makes good business sense and will ultimately benefit clients,” said Blunt. “This combination will provide clients with access to a trusted advisor whose footprint covers Washington, D.C. and several key state capitals during a time when policy-making at both levels is critical to organizations.”

“Husch Blackwell Strategies is built on the notion that clients want and need a vertically-integrated approach to tactics and strategy at both the state and federal levels,” said Hartley. “We live in a turbulent political era, and business goals and challenges can change drastically in the blink of an eye. Husch Blackwell Strategies provides a scalable, all-in service.”

“This combination marks serious growth in our team’s ability to help clients anticipate and shape the laws and regulations that affect their businesses most,” said Catherine Hanaway, former Speaker of the Missouri House and the head of Husch Blackwell’s Government Solutions team.

Husch Blackwell Strategies’ Washington presence will be located within Husch Blackwell’s current office location and a satellite office near Capitol Hill. The firm is nationally headquartered in Jefferson City, Missouri, at offices now occupied by Statehouse. The firm will work to develop a significant presence in multiple key capital cities.

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